Home Utility Services

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Repair works, Periodic maintenance, Broken Thermostat, Insufficient Cooling, Noisy AC, Clogged Drain Pipes, Deep Cleaning

Installation/Repair works for light fixtures, indoor /Outdoor circuits & cabling, Tripping Circuits breakers, fixing washing machine, Exhaust fan, water heaters, Garage Door Services.

Leaks repairs, Drains and Sink Repairs, faucet installation, showers & bathtub fixture.

Home Theater Installation. Flat Panel Assembling & repair of furnitures.

Installation of TV panels, Home Theaters, Washing machines.Dish Washers, Water Heaters, Decorative Lights.

Energy Audits for the home and offer solution to save energy.

  • Having to put up with uncomfortable room temperature?

    Call Us 800 MY CTS(69 287)

  • Having a leaking water tap or choked drains?

    Call Us 800 MY CTS(69 287)

  • Have a fused light fixture or leakage current?

    Call Us 800 MY CTS(69 287)

  • Facing issue with Door, Windows, and Shutters?

    Call Us 800 MY CTS(69 287)

  • Does your wooden furniture needs repairs?

    Call Us 800 MY CTS(69 287)

  • Need to install or repair TV, Home theater or any other appliances?

    Call Us 800 MY CTS(69 287)

Building Automation Services

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Repair & periodic maintenance, system operations, tuning & calibration, upgradation of automation & control systems.

Repair & periodic maintenance works for CCTV camera, DVR, NVR & recording systems, faulty door locks, card readers, upgradation works.

Repair & periodic maintenance works for Parking management system, Boom Barriers, turnstiles.

System repair & periodic maintenance works for Lighting control system.

Project Management for BMS, CCTV, ACCESS Control, Fire Alarm system etc.

Management of Commissioning works and technical support services for BMS, CCTV, Access control & Fire Alarm systems.



The Merriam Webster dictionary describes Consummate as extremely skilled and accomplished, of the highest degree, complete in every detail and this is exactly what Consummate Technical Services LLC sets out to be. Consummate Technical Services LLC or CTS as we are popularly called is brand independent maintenance service provider based out of UAE. The driving force behind CTS is a group of passionate entrepreneurs with extensive industry experience of having built and managed successful service businesses.


Our Vision

It is our vision to fill the void in UAE’s building controls and home utility services space by becoming a truly dependable service provider who believes in serving.

Our Mission

We are attentive to our customers, and we work hard to make sure you receive all answers. We stand behind our promise to deliver timely and quality service.

Our Value

We are a team of transparent, agile and trustworthy service professionals committed to serve our customers.


Nothing is perfect and so are the systems installed at any property. Things will break, you might need related to building controls systems and home and core business and your customers.
We do this through,
– Listening to you and sharing our expert advise
– Open and transparent communication to avoid any last minute surprises
– Provide pro-active periodic updates
– Commit what we deliver & deliver what we commit
– Ensure timely service delivery and maximize system up-time
– Ease of access and quality of our resources & service

Service Delivery Methodology

1. Request for help.
2. Unlimited visits for AMC Customer / Agree on visit charges and time.
3. Technician details communicated to customer.
4. Technician calls and offer telephonic support.
5. Technician on site to resolve the issue.

6. Agree on the cost for any spares needed.
7. Revisit customer with spares and close the call.
8. Root Cause Analysis & share advise on repeat of issue.
9. Service Report Sign Off & Payment Collection.
10. Service desk collect feedback.
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